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Operation Christmas Child Item of the Month- November 2015

National Collection Week is only weeks away! If you would like to make a shoebox, volunteer at our drop off site, or donate items or money send us a message or give us a call at 304-763-0257.

Operation Christmas Child Drop Off Location 2924 Grandview Rd. Beaver, WV 25813Here at First Southern Baptist of Grandview we have been driving since May for items to collect for our Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes. This month we are focused on ensuring that every box is full and has the $7 it needs to be shipped internationally.

Quality is important. A child will probably only get one box ever and they deserve it to be a nice box full of good stuff. You can see their excitement when they are waiting to get their box. They deserve a box FULL of things that will last and not break right away.”
– Linda D.

“Today I shipped internationally for the first time in my life, and I want to THANK YOU for ONLY charging $7 for shipping! A one-pound package to Colombia was over $12. Thank you for providing this service!”
–Heather P.

“To have the shipping money, I stopped drinking soda or tea at restaurants. It saves about $2 anytime we go out. I put that $2 in my change jar.”
–Cathy W.


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We are a drop off site for Operation Christmas Child! If you are in the Shady District, bring us your shoeboxes and donations.


Source: Samaritan’s Purse