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Spread the Word… Coat, Blanket, and Food Drive 2015

Spread the Word… here at First Southern Baptist Church of Grandview we are doing a Coat, Blanket, and Food drive for Fall 2015. These items will be distributed between Thanksgiving and Christmas of this year. Many children and families that are in need benefit from Back to School drives, but are left in the cold when winter rolls around.

We are already accepting coats, blankets, and non-perishable food for our 2015 drive! If you are purging your closets before the school year is in full swing, give us a call or pop-by to give us your donation. We will connect your items with those who are in need this fall/winter.

Keep in mind, here in Southern West Virginia, 1 in 3 children are hungry. Many of these children do not recieve the proper nourishment they need in order to thrive in school and in life. By donating to this ministry, you help us meet a need that can change lives.

Common questions:

  1. Can we donate clothes as well? Absolutely! We would love to also have fall and winter clothes available.
  2. What kind of food should we donate? Click here and scroll down for detailed suggestions for food. 
  3. Our church/organization isn’t from Southern West Virginia, can we still donate? Yes! Your church can either mail or drop off items. We would also love additioanl reinforcements for our distribution event so a Missions Trip would be an option as well!
  4. If my church is not a Southern Baptist Church, can we still participate? Absolutely. We love partnering with other churches regardless of denomination affiliation.
  5. How can I help more? If you don’t have items on hand or are limited on time, feel free to donate directly to this ministry at First Southern Baptist Church of Grandview. Specify what you would like purchased with the money and we will go and make the purchase for you!
  6. How long is the drive? This drive will take place through Thanksgiving.
  7. Who is this going to? This drive will support local families in the Shady Springs District who are in need.


Contact us to donate items or give money towards this ministry

Register your family or Missions Team to help with distribution event

Become a prayer partner for this ministry