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38 Ways to Use a Booth on Your West Virginia Missions Trip

1 – Free Water

Water is both a basic human necessity and a metaphor for the ultimate human necessity- a relationship with God. Labeling can be used to quickly share the gospel and our church contact info so that even if a conversation doesn’t happen today, that individual may reach out or pop-by our church in the furture.

2- Free Lemonade

Free lemonade is another idea for a booth. Free lemonade is a great way to reach both adults and children at different events. You could also do gatorade  if you are at a sporting event (although lemonade is a little closer to the original gatorade recipe!)

3- Free Coffee

Offer good, free morning coffee at a busy intersection or cross walk during the morning commute. Put your booth close enough to the road or crosswalk so that working professionals can simply reach out of the window to take the free coffee. Coffee drinkers will not appreciate a weak or bad pot of coffee so be sure to purchase a good brand and have someone brew the coffee that drinks it on a regular basis! A reusable coffee sleeve or cup is a great way to add an additional means of connecting with people at this booth.

4- State or County Fair

State or County Fairs are great opportunities to show the love of Christ to the fair goers. Water, seating, fans, and other freebies are great options for a missional fair booth.

5- Festival

Festivals are exciting events where art lovers, music lovers, chocolate lovers and more gather to celebrate their interests. Be sure to be intentional with your booth theme for a festival so as to add value and share the gospel at the same time.

6- Concert

Concerts are great venues to have a booth. Call ahead when scheduling your West Virginia Missions Trip to see what kind of opportunities are scheduled in the area. We can coordinate with the local venue to ensure you are able to offer a service that is welcomed and of value to the concert goers.

7- Child service

This idea is simple yet so impactful. Volunteer ahead of time at a convention, festival, fair or concert so that parents know this service is available. We will ensure that the free child service is promoted in advance. Be sure to get any credentials that will help parents feel secure about leaving their child with you. Can you get a certification for CPR? Baby sitting? Background checks? These are ways to ensure we keep the children safe and create a safe/welcoming environment that both parents and children can enjoy.

8- Day camp

Consider CPR and Background checks for a Day Camp Missional Booth as well. Booths can be used to sign up and/or to register children for the Day Camp. Booths at events such as Women’s or parent expo are a great way to share about an upcomming Day Camp.

9- Art festivals

Art Festival are a great place to set up a Missional booth! You can offer free water or a place to sit for festival goers. Another idea is to have a place where children and adults can paint or work with clay for free!

10- Arts and crafts shows

 Arts and Craft Shows are also a great location for a missional booth. You can offer a free craft space with supplies and/or free water and coffee.

11- Auctions

Auctions may not be the first place you would think of to have a booth, but are a great opportuity to serve and connect with those who are in attendance. Many auctions go on for hours so offering a free hot dog and chips with a bottle of water could be a welcome sight to auction goers.

12- Auto races

Auto races are hot and many have limited options to purchase food or water. Offering a booth that supplies water and/or food may be a blessing to those in attendance.

13- Parks

We have a national park and a state park within minutes of our church. There are so many options for a booth at a park. Water, lemonade, gatorade, coffee, food, and even sunscreen are great offering to use your missional booth for.

14- Bicycle events

Our community has quite a few bicyclists. Your booth could offer water or gatorade as well as safety information. Many West Viginian roads are curvy and it can be hard to see bikers around the bend.

15- Business and trade shows

Just like an art festival except a little more serious, business and trade shows allow for individuals or businesses to sign up for a booth ahead of time. There are countless ideas for a booth. Be intentional and inviting with your booth design so people want to stop by and see what your missional booth is all about.

16- Camps

Camps are a place you may not think of when you are planning your missional booth, but camps are a fantastic option. There is a 4-H camp that hosts groups all summer long just minutes from our church. If this is a consideration for your West Virginia Missions Trip, we can call and see what the 4-H camp would find of value.

17- Carnivals

Carnivals are a great place to set up a booth. There may be an area set up where people can purchase and browse. If the carnival is indoors, it may be advantageous to offer a free valet service or something else out of the box that would be of value ot the carnival goers.

18- Commercial Campgrounds

Commercial Campgrounds are a place where families often go to get away from it all and unwind. Adding to this experiene is a great option for your West Virginia Missions Trip. You can let them know of a day camp or backyard Bible Club on the campground or simply offer free water on a hot day.

19- Community events

Not all community events are ones that are well staffed. Offering to set up a booth to help with this is a great way to reach the community with the love of Christ. Additional offerings can include food, water, facepainting and more.

20- Conventions

Conventions are often a stressful time for business professionals. Offering a space where they can relax or take a moment to check their email can be a great option for a missional convention booth. Think about how you can serve those that will be at the event.

21- Flea markets

Flea markets are yet another fantastic location for your missional booth. People often spend Saturday mornings perusing the flea market to see what they can find. Getting up bright and early and offering free coffee can be a great ministry tool.

22- Garage sales

Garage sales are similar to flea markets yet their location is different. Offering free water can be a great way to partner with a homeowner and support them as you connect with the community.

23- Holiday events

Holiday events are a great time to set up an intentional missonal booth that shares the love of Christ with the surrounding community. Your missions trip may fall on a holiday event that would be a great option such as the 4th of July or Labor Day. Consider what events are happening in the area prior to coming on your West Virginia Missiosn trip to ensure you make the most out of the opportunities to serve here.

24- Horse and livestock shows

Horse and livestock shows are often apart of a festival or a fair. Think about a setting up a booth to serve those who are working the event. What needs would someone who is showing a horse or transporting lifestock have? Put yourself in their shoes when selecting your outreach idea for the show.

25- Jamborees

Jamborees are a huge celebration with tons to do. Often times, they welcome additional support. If there is a Jamboree happening in our area when you are on a West Virginia Missions Trip, we can reach out and see if there is a need that your missions team can fill.

26- Little League parks

Little league parks are a place where booths offering free water, gatorade and snacks would be welcome. Another out of the box idea is a tent for nursing mothers.

27- Malls

Malls are a great location for a booth. Be sure to choose a main entrance to set up your booth by to ensure you can serve the most amount of people. Mall goers appreciate free coffee and water as well as snacks.

28- Nursing/retirement homes

A nursing home or retirement home may be the last place you think of when it comes to setting up a missional booth but many nursing homes welcome anything to minister to their residents. You could set up a manicure booth or a photo booth. You could also bring a craft to do with the residents.

29- Parades

Parades are another great option. You may want to set up a traditional booth along the main cooridor of the parade or you may want to take your booth to a whole new level by participating in the parade. The possibilities are endless!

30- Playgrounds

Playgrounds are a great place to offer support to parents and children who are enjoying the great outdoors. Free water, snacks, baby wipes, first aid, or other parent/child services are a great way to show love to parents and chilren alike.

31- Produce stands

Produce stands may appreciate your team setting up a booth to offer free services along side their produce. Offer free baggies or water. Definitely stay away from anything that might take away from their business such as free snacks.

32- Professional sports events

Spending the day at the ball park takes on a whole new meaning when you add a missional booth. Contact us far enough ahead of time and let us know your missions team is interested in setting up a missional booth at our local minor league baseball stadium. We can coordinate and ensure you are providing value to both the baseball goers and the stadium.

33- Recreational sites

Recreational sites are great locations for free water booths. This service is one that many find of vlue and appreciate. It is a great conversation starter!

34- School events

School events are often understaffed or have limited resources. Coordinating with the school ahead of time ensures your Missions Team can provide a service that will be welcomed and can show the love of Christ at the same time.

35- Shopping centers

Malls are not the only option for missional booths! Shopping centers including grocery stores, free standing stores, bakeries and more will appreciate and welcome a missional booth. Think outside of the box when designing your booth to ensure people pop-by.

36- Swimming pools

Public swimming pools are a great place to offer a missional booth. Offering water and sunblock are great ways to meet a physical need while starting a conversation about spiritual needs.

37- Subdivisions, Housing Developments, Apartment Complex or Trailer parks

There are many ways to serve people right in their own neighborhood. Again, think out of the box and consider offering drop off child care, outdoor day camp or simply a free donut.

38- Video-game rooms

Video game rooms are a great place to offer support to parents and children. Snacks and water are great options for this missional booth idea.


A missional booth can be a great add-on to your West Virginia Missions Trip. As you can see, the possibilities are endless! Do you have another idea for your team’s missional booth? Let us know!

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